Valentine’s Day is Coming, Wake Up Helsinki!

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Originally published on Meidän Häät website.

We have often been traveling in February but because we’re saving for our wedding this year, we’re staying home. I was really excited to spend Valentine’s Day in Helsinki and couldn’t wait to book all kinds of fun romantic events for us. The problem: Helsinki doesn’t seem to care about Valentine’s Day! It seems almost impossible to find any romantic events for VD. So far our plans include a night at the Glo-hotel (we had a free hotel night from that was about to expire :D) and drinks at ClarionClarion. However, these are things we could do any day of the year. I’ve search the internet for special VD events for weeks but nothing suitable has popped up. How come there isn’t like a VD themed dinner with live music and, say, VD bingo where you can win something like a couple’s massage? Just something romantic and fun for couples.

I feel like there are more events suitable for singles like Megazone (lazer tag), disco and a ”New Friend” brunch (love the idea though <3). Sure all of these are suitable for couples too and if it were any other day we would happily participate in any of them but on Valentine’s Day we would really like to do something romantic just the two of us. I love it that there are all these cool events for singles too, in fact VD is called ”friendship day” in Finnish, but you would think there would be enough couples interested in couple stuff too.

In other cities there seems to be at least one restaurant with a romantic VD event, even in Espoo and Vantaa, but I just can’t seem to find any in Helsinki.

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Maybe someone there is thinking why even celebrate Valentine’s Day – why go all out on the day Hallmark thinks we should? I’d say if VD is not your thing then skip it and don’t even think twice about it. Romance doesn’t depend on a certain day. I just happen to be the kind of a person who loves to celebrate whenever I can find an excuse and I love to go all out on holidays. All I’m wondering is that do us who want to bathe in romance and heart shaped balloons and teddy bears and flowers for one day (*ok, not sure how important all of these are to Eerikki), have to arrange it all ourselves?

*Checked with Eerikki, very important, he says. He just wanted to make sure they’re all pink too. 😀

If you know of a romantic VD event in Helsinki, please let me know.

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Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

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