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    Wedding news!

    Image: VK Studio/Shutterstock As you know if you've been following the blog we had to postpone our July wedding due to the corona virus situation. So we made several planson what to do now that we can't have our wedding on the original date such as having the wedding later in the summer, wedding in the winter and so on. We weren't too optimistic on having the wedding this summer until around mid June a decision was made to lift all restrictions on restaurants on July 13th . I wasn't expecting the news to...

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    Wedding hairdos

    Ireceived a hairdo and make up for the post from Villi Vanilja. When it seemed that we might not be able to have our wedding this summer and as it became clear that many businesses were struggling due to the coronavirus situation, we started thinking if there...

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    How to take care of your wedding guests?

    Image: Atlanta Wedding Photography/Pinterest You sometimes hear couples saying things like, what matters is their love, not the wedding so much or the wedding day is our day, we're not throwing this wedding for our guests. I think these approaches are great, in the end it is about the two of you, but I wouldn't say this is exactly how we feel about our wedding...

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    Hääläppää slangiks

    Helsinki-päivä erikoispostaus 😀 Kirjoitan blogia kirjakielellä, mutta puhun normaalisti puhekieltä ja stadin slangia. Se johtuu siitä, että olen helsinkiläinen ja näin olen oppinut puhumaan. En koskaan harkinnutkaan, että kirjoittaisin tätä blogia slangilla, koska tiedän, että suuri osa ihmisistä ei silloin ymmärtäisi mistä kirjoitan.…

  • Ring

    The wedding rings have arrived!

    s I mentioned on my post about our wedding budgetwe ended up getting both parts of my wedding ring now. The original plan was to buy one now and the other one in a few years. The reason for this was money, of course, as the wedding itself costs quite a lot. However, there was a discount if we buy both of them now, so in the end that's what we did. And now they have arrived and they really are beautiful! My engagement ring...

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    Basics of Finnish language

    This blog post is about what to call your new family members after the wedding. And no, it's not filled with pejoratives and curse words :D In Finnish we have our own words for in-laws, so instead of saying mother-in-law etc. we have a specific word for it. So this post is completely untranslatable. So, instead, I'll teach you some random words in Finnish...

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