10 Facts About Me

As I've written so many posts about baby stuff recently, I wanted to write about something else for a change. I've never done a post like this before but I figured now would be a perfect time. So, here's 10 totally random facts about me!

  1. I love penguins and whales but find dolphins suspicious...

2. I learned to read when I was three years old, apparently by listening in when my big sister was practicing.

3. I admire openness in people. I love people that get to the point instead of making tons of small talk. With people like that, you might get into a deep conversation even if you barely know them.

4. I am terrible at geography. I even put a world map on the wall to get better at it but so far... no real improvement.

5. I find belly buttons really gross. Eerikki was in charge of cleaning Jordan's belly button when he was a newborn and even things like body shots gross me out. In fact, thinking of any kind of shots makes me feel sick which gets us to the next fact...

6. I don't do shots. Ever.

7. Except for sea buckthorn shots which I loved when I was pregnant.

8. I've been a pescatarian for 23 years, I quit eating meat when I was in seventh grade.

9. I love to sing and dance. When I was a kid, I wanted to go to this kids singing competition on TV but didn't have the guts :D

10. I've lived in six different countries, on three different continents.

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