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Breakfast review: Cafe Engel

I love mornings and breakfasts. As Eerikki tends to sleep longer when we're on a vacation, I sometimes go for a nice breakfast on my own while he's still sleeping. I know that some people feel uncomfortable eating out alone, but as I like to do things alone too and when I was moving around the world, I often had to do things alone, to me it's not an issue but something I enjoy.

I've gone out for breakfast several times in the last few weeks so I figured I'd write reviews on the different places in case my readers love weekday breakfasts too!

On Monday I had breakfast at Cafe Engelwith my mom and sister to celebrate my sister's birthday (about half of my relatives were born in November).

Cafe Engel is beautiful on the inside and outside and you can see the Senate square and the white church from the window. They have several breakfast options, I chose the Muesli breakfast. We all had different breakfasts and based on those, I'd recommend the Eggs and Bacon breakfast (without bacon for me). Muesli breakfast didn't really have that much in it, a few slices of bread and a small bowl of muesli. Best thing about it were the fresh fruit but those were included in all of the breakfasts. My breakfast also included a turkish yogurt but I asked for milk instead. It was 15.90 euros and included tea/coffee and a glass of juice.

The place is beautiful and they have a wide selection of breakfasts, the one I had could've had a bit more content. Three stars ***.

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