Breakfast review

Breakfast review: Löyly

Löylystarted doing breakfasts this summer so, as I love mornings and breakfast, I had to go and give it a try!

I asked my mom to join me and so one July morning we headed off to Löyly to have some breakkie.

The breakfast costs 19 euros and it includes an avokado sandwich, a smoothie bowl, fresh fruit, fresh juice, coffee/tea/specialty coffee. You can also choose to have it without the sandwich or the bowl reducing the price to 15 euros. I had the full breakfast and my mom had hers without the avocado sandwich.

The food was so good! It's not the first time I'm telling you this but I love the terrace at Löyly, it's one of my favorite places in Helsinki and this breakfast was just perfect - the location is amazing and the food is yummy. Everything about the breakfast was good and extra points for specialty coffees being included as I only drink coffee as an ice coffee. Both me and my mom were really happy with our breakfast and will definitely come back some other morning. It's not the cheapest breakfast out there but if you're willing to pay a bit more, this one is pretty much perfect.

Amazing view, great breakfast. Five stars *****.


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