Alcohol-free drinks 3: Flavored beers

All products received free of charge for the tasting.

The June really started the summer here in Helsinki so it's a good time to do another alcohol-free tasting! Today I'll be doing the tasting on my own, as Eerikki is too busy with work. If there were alcohol in these beers, maybe he might've found the time ;).

Clausthaler Lemon (Imported by Beverage Partners Finland)

You can taste the beer, which is a big plus. The lemon flavor is more sweet than sour, overall the flavor is quite lights. Fragrance is beer-like.

Clausthaler Grapefruit (Imported by Beverage Partners Finland)
My favorite

Really great! The beer flavor is quite subtle as the grapefruit is quite strong but it's still there. I love grapefruit and the beverage isn't sweet at all, which is also great. You can find some beer and a lot of grapefruit in the fragrance. Dry, beer-like grapefruit drink.

Crisp Radler Vadelma (Sinebrychoff)

The flavor reminds me of a popsicle from childhood. There isn't much beer in the flavor or fragrance, tastes and smells of rasberry. It isn't very sweet though, which is great.

Crisp Radler Sitrus (Sinebrychoff)

The citrus flavor is nice, reminds me of some cider. You can't really taste the beer but it isn't sweet either. Tastes like a dry citrus drink.

A Le Coq Fassbrause Lemon (Olvi)

The lemon is a bit sweet and you can't really taste or smell the beer. Has a sweet lemony fragrance.

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