Non-alcoholic Beverages 4: Rosé ja Flavored Sparkling Wines

All products received free of charge for the tasting.

If you haven't decided on which non-alcoholic drinks to get for Juhannus (Midsummer), then I hope these posts will help. Sparkling wines, Flavored beers, and Summer drinks posts have already been published and today's post will be about rosé and flavored sparkling wines, yay!

Eerikki and I tried eight different wines and both chose our favorites. I've marked our favorites under the names of the beverages and there you can find our opinions on them as well.

Karpalokuohu (KontioMehu) Cranberry Flavored Sparkling Wine

S: Reminds me of cranberry lonkero. Tastes strongly of cranberry but doesn't taste sweet. Really nice.

E: Tastes strongly of cranberry, a good amount of sourness in the flavor.

Puolukkakuohu (KontioMehu) Lingonberry Flavored Sparkling Wine
Sissi's Favorite

S: The fragrance reminds me of lingonberry jam, tastes like lingonberry and isn't sweet at all. Tastes really Finnish because of the lingonberry. Yummy!

E: Tastes very much like lingonberry, not sweet, really nice.

Raparperikuohu (KontioMehu) Rhubarb Flavored Sparkling Wine
Eerikki's Favorite

S: Smells and tastes like rhubarb, reminds me of a rhubarb dessert, maybe because of the sweetness.

E: A nice dessert wine, would go nicely with a cup of coffee.

Mustikkakuohu (KontioMehu) Blueberry Flavored Sparkling Wine

S: I expected this to taste more strongly of blueberry, instead the scent is strong but the flavor is very subtle.

E: I like the subtle blueberry flavor, easy to drink.

Cranberry (karpalokuohu), lehtikuohu and blueberry (mustikkakuohu) sparklings are also available in small bottles

Lakka Seljankukka (Lasso Drinks) Cloudberry Elderflower Flavored Sparkling Wine

S: Tastes more like elderflower than cloudberry but both flavors are quite subtle. Sweet.

E: Cloudberry always works for the northern guy, this is no exception. Soft and elegant.

Vilarnau (Uniq Drinks Finland)

S: It's difficult to describe the flavor, has a bit of a berry flavor with something else. Not very sweet.

E: Doesn't really taste like a rosé, but don't really know how to describe it.

Bottega (Maahantuoja Beverage Partners Finland)

S: Sweet with a strong flavor

E: Sweet with an exotic flavor

Beautiful Fruit Fragola (Maahantuoja Beverage Partners Finland)

S: Both the scent and flavor reminds me of some teenage lipgloss, but only in a good way! A strong strawberry scent and flavor but not sweet at all. A nice surprise!

E: Tastes and smells like strawberry candy.

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