Collaboration with Simei Silk

I wanted to write a post about my favorite accessories. As with clothes, I like to buy good quality, it costs more but I will also use them for a long time. And now I have the pleasure of presenting all my precious purchases here on the blog :D.

On the picture above you can see my sunglasses, I got them from Chanel four years ago and somehow I've managed not to lose them! That's one good reason to buy quality stuff, you end up taking better care of it. Or not, and then you lose something very valuable...

The perfume is all new, I got it yesterday in fact! I had never even tried Jo Malone's perfumes but once I tried this one I just loved it. The fragrance reminds me of Vappu (first of May holiday) and made me so happy that I just had to get it. It was also important for me to get soaps and lotions in the same fragrance as my perfume and Jo Malone has them. I got a shower gel and a body lotion and now I keep thinking I should go back for the shampoo and conditioner too...

For a face mask I have this classy silk mask from Simei Silk, it came with 7 extra filters as those should be changed about once a month. The silk mask is so soft and so beautiful, I absolutely love it! It has also worked great for Eerikki who has a rash on his face, silk is so good for your skin that it's been the perfect choice for him too.

Finally an "Oldie but a Goodie", my 12 year old bag! It's definitely been worth the investment as I hardly ever use any other bags. I also love the light purple BKR water bottle. It's just the right size to fit in my bag and it comes with a lip gloss on the cap. I'm addicted to lip balm so it's perfect for me, when I go work out, it's the only thing I need to take with me!

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