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Bebe is here!

As you might have already guessed from the blog not being so active in the last few weeks, noticed from my instagram or just figured that even I can't be pregnant for the rest of my life - our adorable, perfect baby has been born!

Nothing about the birth went as I had hoped but all is well with the baby and all was well with the mom too once she got the adorable baby in her arms.

Giving birth really is amazing! I remember waking up from the emergency c-section and getting the little bundle in my arms. I didn't really even know how to handle that amazing feeling. I think the first thing I said was something like "but he's just perfect!" and then I didn't know if I'd cry or what. Ok, I was pretty high from all the medication they'd given me but I actually think I might've felt even more emotional if I hadn't been. It was an amazing feeling and every day I feel it again in some way when I look at our lovely little creature. After that my whole life changed in the most wonderful way and I love this little thing more and more every day.

Bebe was born at 3.31 am on Saturday morning 12.4 after they began inducing the labor in the hospital on Friday 12.3. We left the hospital on 12.6, I had hoped for an early release from the hospital. As it was Finland's independence day we brought the baby home with Finnish flags decorating the streets and police convoys watching over us.

My family helped us get our things home and they got to see the baby as soon as we arrived. I loved being able to show them the baby right away as I knew how excited they were to meet him.

The first days with the baby were really peaceful and I began producing some milk right away. After he's gotten home we've gotten to see he has some temperament too and it's clear that he really loves to eat! You might remember how worried I was that he'd be a huge baby but he was only about 3.3kg when he was born but a week later he had already reached 3.5 kilos. It seems he's gotten my appetite!

Eerikki and I are both home now (I'll write more about our parenting plans later on) and as our little one rarely sleeps longer than an hour at a time we've split the nights in two shifts so that we both get some sleep. This has worked out well as Eerikki likes staying up late and watch NHL games or play playstation and I'm more of a morning person, so Eerikki stays up late and then wakes me up early in the morning. As I'm breastfeeding, feeding the baby takes tons of time so when I'm doing that, Eerikki can sleep or take care of other things. I'm hoping though that at some point the baby won't no longer spend 12(?) hours a day eating...

We're having a name giving party for him on Sunday already, I know, it's really soon! I had booked the place thinking he'd be born before or around due date, I didn't expect him to be almost 2 weeks late. Still, I'm happy that we're having the party now, we'll get to start using the name then and get to see our family and friends before Christmas too. I doubt the covid situation is getting any better in the next few months either.

I'll try to get my act together and start taking more pictures now and post them on instagram and I'll write again soon!


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