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    Shoe game

    *Sisältää mainoslinkin. Emme ennättäneetkään pitää kenkäleikkiä häissämme, mutta mikäpä estäisi meitä tekemään sitä näin blogin välityksellä! Eli, saimme meille tehdyt kysymykset, joihin vastasimme toisiemme vastauksia tietämättä ja koostin vastaukset tähän. E tarkoittaa Eerikin vastausta ja S Sissin. Kumpi on parempi kokkaamaan? S: Molemmat…

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    wedding dance

    Picture: Vill Sander Collaboration with Tanssiurheiluseura Lumets It was especially my wish to learn a choreography for our wedding dance as I love dancing and I thought it would be nice to go to classes and practice together through the summer. We had taken a beginners course some time ago at Tanssiurheiluseura Lumetsand had a great time. We also really liked our teachers so it was clear that we would go there for our wedding dance as well. I really wanted to dance rumba as I had never tried it before...

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    The wedding part 1.

    Picture: Vill Sander. Continuing from previous post. We sat down and raised our glasses. My mom said a few words to welcome our guests to the wedding and to welcome Eerikki to our family. She also spoke a few words from Kalevala in respect to my late grandmother to whom it was very dear.

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    Wedding photo shoot

    Collaboration with: Vill Sander Picture: Vill Sander The story of our wedding, continuing from where we left off with the wedding ceremony - post. The boat dropped us off at the pier in Uunisaari as there are a lot of beautiful places there for a photo shoot. We'd practiced being photographed together when we took our engagement picturesso being photographed together wasn't a new situation for us anymore. It would've been fun to be photographed that day no matter what though...