• A Day with Me

    A (mother's) Day with Me

    It was my first Mother's Day this year so I decided to make a "Day with Me" -post of it on my instagram story and now I finally had time to write a blog post about it too. So, here's my first Mother's Day! I woke up really tired around 8am when Jordan woke up. I took Jordan to Eerikki who was sleeping in the nursery. The one who's not in charge of the night's feedings...

  • A Day with Me

    A Day with Me

    THURSDAY I decided I'd take some pictures so that I could do a "Day with Me" post but when I made that decision I had no idea how the day would turn out... 04:55-09:30 I woke up really early for some unknown reason. Now that I'm pregnant it's not uncommon for me to wake up early to a strange dream...