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    Interior Design Dreams

    I told you earlier that we put our condo up for sale (you can find it here). We wouldn't want to give up this place because we think it's great, but there's big plumbing work coming up, so we thought it...

  • Bebe,  Interior design


    Our little one's room is finally ready! I've been giving you updates on the room's progress for the last few months (!) and the biggest, well really only, problem with the room has been the walls. First, it took three different shades of gray to get the walls gray as the first two looked purple up on the wall...

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    Summer Balcony

    It's finally June and summer! It should be close to 20 degrees Celsius tomorrow in Helsinki so there's a slight chance that I'll finally put my winter coat away and change into summer clothing... My family and friends find it very amusing that I'm still walking around in a down coat when there...