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First day as a married couple

We woke up to the first day as a married couple from our wedding suite at St George hotel. We were really tired, all the stress, hard work and not enough sleep before the wedding had taken its toll on us and we were exhausted. Luckily we didn't need to do much that day as Eerikki's bestmen went to pick up the wedding decorations from the venue so that we could rest and take in life as wifey and hubby. We got breakfast in bed and I had brought our wedding china there for the breakfast. Eerikki had received his morning gift before the wedding so that he could wear it on the day of (cuff links) and I received mine in the morning, a lovely pearl necklace.

Exhausted husband

I managed to talk tired Eerikki into going to the St George -spa with me which has a small pool and a sauna. I wore my "Bride" swimsuit I had gotten at my bachelorette. I looked pretty scary as on top of the bruises on my arm my legs were also in black and blue. We were laughing at the spa that with me walking around in my "Bride" swimsuit people must be thinking we had a weirdly rough wedding night as the bride is all bruised up, I was even pulling out huge knots of hair out of my head as I tried to unknot my wedding hairdo.

Spa, picture: St George

A swim and a sauna really did us good and we got some energy from that. I changed into my "wife dress" from Katri Niskanen and my wedding heels.I also put on my new pearls, of course. We dropped off our bags at home and then we had planned to head off to löyly for a brunch with our wedding party. It was, however, pouring down so we decided to go some place else and finally ended up at a Thai restaurant. I had imagined a brunch in the sunshine with a beautiful sea view, drinking champagne and talking about the wedding. But, it was raining heavily and everyone was exhausted so we adapted the plan to the situation :) We talked about the wedding over thai food and then headed off home to rest.

The rest of the night and the next day we spent resting up and preparing for our mini honeymoon...

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