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Collaboration with Villi Vanilja

Pictures: Vill Sander

Now we're getting to the first part of the bride's look and the bridal party's looks, the hairdos! I wanted to have my hair down, as that's how I usually wear it. I found a picture online and loved it, it had a braid on the top and the rest of the hair down, it was just what I had been looking for, something elegant and different.

Yhtä lukuun ottamatta morsiusseurueeni halusi nutturat, yksi morsiusneidoista halusi hiukset puolittain auki. Hänellä on niin pitkät ja paksut hiukset, että vähän epäilin, saisiko niitä nutturalle vaikka haluaisikin 😀 Minulla ei ollut toiveita heidän kampaustensa suhteen, vaan he saivat vapaasti valita omat kampauksensa.

I wrote about the morning of our wedding herebut as a short recap Villi Vanilja's Mareena and Hanne came to our hotel room in the morning. Mareena started with my hair and Hanne with the bridesmaids' hair. It was really nice to have the hairdressers and our makeup artist Melissa come to the hotel as this way we weren't in a rush anywhere and we could be together all morning. It was also great that by then I'd had the chance to meet Mareena a few times already and I'd met Hanne once as she did my hair for the rehearsal dinnerso that made the morning even more fun and relaxed, it didn't feel like I was surrounded by strangers.

The bride's hairdo in the making

Our hotel room wasn't a massive suite but we had enough space with Melissa doing the makeup in the main room, Mareena working on my hair by a small desk and Hanne working on the bridesmaids hair in the bathroom

Linda's hair was curled and she got a braid on the other side to keep the hair from her face.
Bride's hairdo

When my hairdo was done, Melissa started working on my makeup and then we got a moment to have some Prosecco and take a few pictures before heading off. I was really happy with my hairdo, it was just what I wanted, though we had done it once before so it wasn't a big surprise that I liked it :D I didn't know, however, how it would go with my dress and veil but luckily it all looked great together. I recommend though that if you have a hairpiece or a veil then take it with you when you go to the hairdresser to try out your wedding hairdo. Also take a picture of your wedding dress with you. At the time we did a trial version of my wedding hairdo, I didn't have a veil or dress ready :D I loved the bridal party's hairdos too! It was really smart of them to have their hair on a bun as the ceremony was outside and it can be really windy on the island.

Hairdos all done

The final task was attaching the veil. Mareena had made a small braid close to the scalp where the veil could be attached. It was a good idea as this way the veil stayed well on its place and wasn't in the way of the beautiful large braid.

The only thing I had wondered about the look was if the curls would last the whole day and night, especially as we were on an island. I'm happy to say they did last pretty well, I could've curled my hair a bit from the front later that night, I had a curler with me after all, but I decided that it was still pretty even though the curls were looser so I didn't start fixing it. So if you're thinking about wearing your hair down at your wedding, I'd say go for it! :D


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