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Collaboration with: Vill Sander

Picture: Vill Sander

The story of our wedding, continuing from where we left off with the wedding ceremony - post.

The boat dropped us off at the pier in Uunisaari as there are a lot of beautiful places there for a photo shoot. We'd practiced being photographed together when we took our engagement picturesso being photographed together wasn't a new situation for us anymore. It would've been fun to be photographed that day no matter what though, we were so happy and excited as we had just gotten married, the weather was beautiful and we had drank almost a whole bottle of champagne on our boat ride :D

Picture: Vill Sander
Picture: Vill Sander
Picture: Vill Sander

My other MoH, my little sister Sonja, was assisting at the photo shoot. She was waiting by the pier with the photographer when we arrived and she had my other shoes and also some snacks and a large heart shaped umbrella with her. The photographer had asked to take an umbrella with us in case the sun was too bright so we bought a white heart-shaped umbrella, I figured it'd be pretty in case it would rain, too. We ended up not needing it at all as we found shaded places to take pictures in and it was clear skies all day and night. Sonja's job was also to help with the veil and whatever else might be needed. Even if you don't get a professional photographer, I recommend you ask someone to help you at the photoshoot.

Picture: Vill Sander

Our photographer Vill Sander gave us precise directions on where to go and how to be which was great. On the other hand, there are some great pictures too where we had started laughing or gave each other a spontaneous kiss. This was the perfect combo for us, we got a lot of directions but were also able to be a bit spontaneous. I highly recommend our photo- and videographer Vill Sander, he took great pictures and we are also getting a short and a long video of the day.

Picture: Vill Sander. Foreheads together is the wedding photographers' favorite, and why not - it works :D
Picture: Vill Sander
Picture: Vill Sander
Picture: Vill Sander

One thing I have to mention about the ring is that this three ring comination has been really great in everyday use! I was worried that the rings wouldn't stay in place or would be difficult otherwise but these are made really smart so that the rings keep each other in place and the diamond is placed low enough that it doesn't get stuck on anything.

Picture: Vill Sander

Our photographer took a few pictures of us separately too. The whole session took something over an hour and then we headed back to HSS.

Picture: Vill Sander
Picture: Vill Sander

We hadn't forgotten our guests, of course, but had arranged some entertainment for them while we were away. Once they had sent us off on our boat ride, there were drinks waiting for them on the frontside of the building and the string quartet had moved there to play. The guest book and instax camera were there too so that the guests could fill that out while waiting. The thing I was most excited about was Blackjack, however. I had decided ages ago that when I get married, I want to have a blackjack table at the wedding. I didn't want those ugly green ones, however, so I decided to make one myself. We made it together with Eerikki and my MoHs, it wasn't easy but I think it turned out amazing. I painted the table gold with spray paint, and then we made the fabric on top of it in white and gold. As at least so far I haven't found any pictures of the table from the wedding, I've put some pictures together so that you could see it and the prizes. I don't have any picture of the whole table but I have a picture of the fabric we put on top, you'll just have to trust me that the table itself was golden :D

The cards were gold in color and the chips were black and white. For prizes we had Sissi & Eerikki peach flavored lipbalms, mint green Sissi & Eerikki candles and one small penguin plush toy. One of our friends was acting as the dealer and I had put the rules in frames next to the table so that everyone could participate.

Mint green guest book and instax- camera. The pages are black so there was a white pen to write with.

Once we arrived at the HSS, Eerikki said a few words of welcome and that if people would like to, they can come congratulate us. He said that we, and my mom, are happy to receive hugs and handshakes but we completely understand if people want to keep a longer distance. It felt really nice that most people chose to give us a hug though we would've completely understood any choice, even not approaching us at all.

After this, we headed inside and the actual wedding party was ready to begin...


  • Milla

    Kiva kun jaksat kirjoitella myös häiden jälkeen että miten häät meni, näitä on mielenkiintoista lukea 🙂 Ja teille kyllä osui hyvä sää hääpäivälle,

      • PIA

        Komppaan edellistä kommentoijaa – tosi mielenkiintoista lukea yksityiskohtaista kuvausta koko päivästä! Erityisesti kun omat häät ovat HSS:llä ensi kesänä. Miten Uunisaaressa kuvaus muuten toimi, löysittekö hyvin omaa rauhaa kuvien ottamiseen vai oliko siellä paljon porukkaa noin kauniina päivänä?

        • Sissi

          Hei! Ihana kuulla ja hauskaa, että teillä on sama hääpaikka! Meillä oli häät perjantaina, koska jouduimme koronan takia siirtämään niitä, joten se ehkä vaikutti, mutta silloin ainakin oli rauhallista ottaa kuvia 🙂

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