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Wedding Update

It's less than a month to our wedding... and we haven't really done anything in the last week or so :D Next week we have to get our stuff together though it's been nice to take a short break.
We have a crafts day coming up with our wedding team so that also took some pressure off, now I don't constantly feel like I should be painting or crafting something. I highly recommend a crafts day with your friends if you have anything that needs to made for the wedding.

Breakfast at Hietalahti Market Hall

Some of the things we need to do next are:
- Prepare something (secret) for the wedding
- Send emails to florist and tons of other people
- Find scores for a song
- Get Eerikki's accessories
- Get socks for bestmen
- Find me a bag
- Go to fittings for the wedding and rehearsal dinner dresses
- Find a restaurant for the brunch after the wedding
- Take the certificate of non-impediment to the officiant
- Go to Tallinn
- Find the stuff for the bathroom baskets
- Meet up to discuss Eerikki's boutonniere
- Order rest of the stuff like place cards

That's just a few things that came to mind, there's plenty more on my To Do -list but I don't think I want to look at the list until next week again :D
Luckily we're on our vacation now! I think that's also why we needed to take some time off from wedding planning as this was our chance to just relax for a bit before the last crunch before the wedding.

Some other news:

We're got a very "happy" surprise realizing we have to pay customs fees for a bunch of stuff we ordered online. There's been quite a lot of unexpected costs that have come up from postponing the wedding and having it during corona. Then again, we knew there would be based on our experience when we renovated our condo some years ago.
We got a great idea of hiring a cleaning person to come clean up our place a few weeks from today. We realized that in the middle of all the wedding organizing, we won't have time for that. It really wasn't even expensive, we got ours from Offerillafor 55 euros. I highly recommend you to consider it if you can afford that much.
It's getting less and less likely that my bridesmaid from the US won't be able to attend our wedding. If she would come here, she would have to spend 2 weeks in quarantine not even being able to see us and then get tested to corona. And then if the test were positive, she would've come in vain. That is, if she could even travel here, which at the moment, she can't. This is a huge disappointment for both of us but there's nothing we can do.
We both had our bachelor(ette) parties last weekend, a post about those coming up later on :)
We booked a mini honeymoon to Paris, thinking we'd leave right after the wedding as our long honeymoon to will have to be postponed until US is safe to travel to. It was probably the day after booking that, that I read that the corona situation in France has taken a turn for the worse...

Dinosaur food at the Museum of Natural History

So, in conclusion.. Everytime there's a new notification on our wedding website, we worry it's someone canceling. We're also nervous about how much this wedding will cost in the end and are flipping coin on which one of us will have to earn that money at Aleksis Kiven katu (our redlight district) :D We're also nervous about how the corona situation will develop here and in France.
So it hasn't been all easy and I have to admit, mainly to myself, that this has been stressful at times. On the other hand, we never really thought the situation would get so good we would be able to have the wedding this summer.

We had our engagement anniversary this week and wanted to celebrate it with a Tourist in Helsinki - theme day. The weather, however, wasn't on our side and the tourist bus wasn't running yet so we decided this was part 1 and we'll do part 2 later in the summer. All the pictures on the post are from our tourist day. Our program for the day included breakfast at Hietalahti Market Hall, sightseeing deck at, Museum of Natural History and a ride on the SparaKoff tram. As I was the main photographer, most pictures are of Eerikki, but I think we'll all enjoy that more :D

Sightseeing on SparaKoff

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