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What should the parents of the wedding couple wear?

Collaboration with Villisilkki

Picture: Vill Sander

There's no strict etiquette for what the parents of the wedding couple should wear but it's most likely a big day for them as well and they also want to look their best.

Each participant is expected to follow the dress code, which in most weddings is a suit for men and a nice dress for women. I think there are some classy exceptions that can be made within the dress code, women can also wear a pantsuit if it's dressy enough and men can wear a kilt, for example. My mom likes to tell a story about a wedding she attended in the US, where a guy from Texas had worn a suit but as his shoes he had cowboy boots decorated with diamonds. It was a lovely way of honoring the dress code while still bringing his own style to it.

As this is a big day for the parents of the couple, it might be a good reason to get a new outfit made. Villisilkki has silks in pretty much every imaginable color but also a wide selection of laces, great fabrics for the outfits of the bride and guests alike.

As my mother sews she wanted to make her own dress. She wanted to wear a large hat as she felt it was customary for the mother of the bride. That meant that according to etiquette, she said, her dress can't be full length.

Picture: Vill Sander

I was hoping she'd wear a golden dress as gold was one of our theme colors. We chose the fabrics together from Villisilkki, we picked a golden silk for the dress part and white lace for the cape sleeves. She also wore a white hat and white shoes with gold glitter.

Parents can look for inspiration from the wedding theme colors and choose their outfits to match them. If the couple's parents know each other well enough, they might like to wear outfits with a shared theme, why not wear the same color, for example.

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