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Wedding Dress Part 2

Collaboration Atelje Dagmar, all pictures taken at Atelje Dagmar

I have a dress! Not the final dress yet, but one made of satin which -and this is the big deal- fits perfectly! I've had a clear vision of what kind of a dress I want from the beginning, there was just one detail that I wanted to change after some thought , but otherwise I haven't budged. I visited several bridal boutiques kind of hoping I would just find something I loved ready-made but that didn't happen, nothing compared to the one I'd come up with in my head.

My mom had offered to make me a dress if I wanted which was a bit of a surprise, actually. Not because I wouldn't think she could, she's made a wedding dress once and also dresses for drag queens, outfits for competitive dancers and one for the President's castle too but after all of these, she says that for me she'd rather not sew for as I'm a picky customer :D

So we started the wedding dress project but after seeing what I wanted my mom concluded that it's best to get some help. We were recommended Mikaela from Atelje Dagmar and so we went to see her.

I really like this painting at Atelje Dagmar, you can find the artist here @euphoric_ink

I'm very happy we found Mikaela as she was exactly what we needed. She understood what I wanted and after just a few fittings she achieved what would've taken me and my mom a very long time. After the first meeting she made the first version of the dress from linen just to get an idea what it is that I'm after and how to best make it work. On our final meeting she had already made a second version with a fabric that was closer to the one the final dress would be made from, silk. It already felt like a wedding dress. Mikaela was able to get the dress fit perfectly and it looked really beautiful already. As challenging as the design is she did an amazing job with it and it looked exactly like I had hoped. She also made the patterns for my mom so the hardest part is now done.

Mikaela at Atelje Dagmar

Out visit to Atelje Dagmarin Ullanlinna Helsinki gave us exactly what we'd come for. My mom had needed help with figuring out what was the best way to make the dress and she was hoping to get the patterns too. When we saw the final version of the dress we got an idea of what it'll actually look like and my mom got the assurance that she needed that it's doable and she knows how to proceed.

If designing your own wedding dress is a dream of yours, I can highly recommend Atelje Dagmar. Mikaela was able to give my mom, who is a dressmaker herself, ideas and help on how to get the dress to fit and she did exactly what we had come to her for. In addition to wedding dresses Mikaela also makes custom dresses for bridesmaids, future mother-in-laws and wedding guests. If you are planning on having a small ceremony now and a bigger wedding later, you might consider getting a new dress made for the ceremony if the actual wedding dress feels too extravagant.

We have been thinking that as we've had to move our wedding due to the coronavirus situation, we'll get something little extra for the wedding when we can finally have it. That way we can think that something nice came out of the delay. If you haven't found your wedding dress yet, maybe getting one made could be your extra if your wedding gets postponed. At least there'll be more time to make one and more time to save up for it in the case of a postponed wedding :)

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