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Kids wedding activity book

We wanted to have an adult only -wedding, except for our nephews.

As there were only three kids coming, I made them an activity book since there wasn't really any other entertainment just for children. The kids were ages of five, seven and ten so I tried to make the book so that each one of them could find something at their own level there. I also got each kid some markers from Tiger to color and write with.

At least my newphew Josua seemed to enjoy the book as he came to our table several times asking for advice on a problem or to show what he had done :).

Picture: Vill Sander

The text on the book was coral and the activities I found online. If you google "wedding activity book" you'll find a lot of options you can use in your own book. The word puzzle above I made myself, which was really fun!

I tried to put together a good variety of different kinds of activites and so the book had coloring, connect the dots and many other types of problems.

I only put pictures of wedding couples that in some way resembled me and Eerikki. Luckily Eerikki didn't think to look for clues about my dress or wedding hairdo from the kids activity book :D

The last page says "And they lived happily ever after" - the end. :)

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