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Getting Married at the Crowne Plaza Hotel

Collaboration with Crowne Plaza Helsinki – Hesperia

A few weeks ago our family visited the newly renovated Crowne Plaza hotel. As you may remember, my blog started out as a wedding blog and as I am such a wedding enthusiast, I wanted to check out how the venue would work for weddings though I can highly recommend it for a staycation too. We loved it for our little staycation, I think Jordan enjoyed himself too!

Crowne Plaza would be a beautiful venue for an elegant city wedding. The Hesperia park and Töölönlahti are both beautiful and right next to the hotel. The hotel itself is elegantly renovated and the food was excellent. We're not alone with this opinion as the hotel won the vote for Finland’s Leading Business Hotel 2021.

We started our stay by checking out our room. We stayed at the Hesperia suite on the top floor and the room had plenty of space with its large living area and a beautiful, roomy bathroom. The use of the top floor lounge was included with the rooms on the top floor and the breakfast for these rooms would be served there too. We asked to have the breakfast in our own room though as I just love eating breakfast in bed in my pajamas... but let's not get ahead of ourselves!

Once we got to our room, it was Jordan's nap time so we put him down for his nap and I took some alone time and went to try the hotel's beautiful pool and sauna. I love swimming and a relaxing swim when everything is finally ready on the night before my wedding is something I would definitely enjoy...

Once Jordan woke up we got dressed up and went downstairs to the hotel's restaurant for dinner. Eerikki and I had the Hesperia menu with the wine package and the food was excellent. Jordan had such a great time with the food we had for him, he looked like a piece of abstract art after dinner. Though Eerikki has nicknamed me Messy-Sissi, I'm proud to say I managed myself without making a mess this time!

On the next morning Jordan woke up around 7 am, but this time that didn't matter as at 7.30 arrived our amazing breakfast (I should point out that a few weeks ago 7am felt early, nowadays Jordan wakes up at 5 or 6am...). When I say that the breakfast was amazing, I really mean that. The food was pretty, it tasted excellent and there was a lot of it, we were snacking on it the whole morning.

Once Eerikki woke up we took a bath and went for a swim and sauna. Then it was time to say bye to the hotel and give thanks for our lovely staycation.

We were just at our friends' wedding at a hotel a few weeks back and the concept was super handy. We were able to take our baby with us and my mom too, so that she could help with the baby while we were at the wedding. This way, we could both attend the wedding but still didn't have to be away from Jordan too much. It was obviously really easy and fast to get to bed after the party and I enjoyed having a one more chance to meet the wedding couple and some of the guests in the morning. If you have guests coming from around the country, or world, having a hotel wedding is an excellent option.

I loved the style the hotel was renovated in and there are several beautiful event rooms at the hotel depending on your taste and the size of your wedding. The gorgeous ballroomhas a view of the Hesperia park and seats 600 people. For a smaller event I would definitely check out the lovely Wintergarden-Talvipuutarha.I love wintergardens and started immediately thinking what event I could have there. The venue would be perfect for an event in the midwinter, decorated with white and gold...

Screenshot of Wintergarden from the Crowne Plaza website

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