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As you know if you've been following the blog we had to postpone our July wedding due to the corona virus situation.
So we made several planson what to do now that we can't have our wedding on the original date such as having the wedding later in the summer, wedding in the winter and so on.
We weren't too optimistic on having the wedding this summer until around mid June a decision was made to lift all restrictions on restaurants on July 13th . I wasn't expecting the news to be this good, but as they were we realized we have no good reason not to have the wedding if this is the case. So... we're getting married this summer!! :D 😀

Ok, it wasn't quite as straight forward as that to make the decision. We decided to wait a bit longer, see how the situation develops and then discuss properly all the possible risks. Here's a list of things we discussed before coming to the decision to have the wedding in August.

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  1. My bridesmaid won't be able to come to the wedding from the US. This is a huge disappointment if it ends up becoming reality. We figured, however, that there's still almost two months until the wedding and situations have been known to change pretty fast when it comes to the pandemic. I asked my friend to arrive 2 weeks before so that she can stay in quarantine before the wedding, which she, luckily, agreed to. That we won't risk her infecting anyone, though her having it is quite small as she has been so careful. Now all we can do is follow the situation and hope for the best. If she's allowed to Finland less than 2 weeks before the wedding, she can take a coronavirus test so that we know all is well and she won't pose a risk to anyone.
  2. We, or a family member gets corona. We checked with our venue and we can postpone the wedding up to a week before the date. Of course this would result in loss of money from other vendors and services and even more than that, would be a huge disappointment. All we can do is ask our wedding party and families to be extra cautious before the wedding.
  3. People are too scared to attend or people will cancel right before due to a cold. We've informed our guests about the new date and luckily we've gotten very few cancelations due to the change of date. I also hope, that if there's a guest who has some cold symptoms they'd take a corona test to be on the safe side rather than cancel.
  4. The corona virus situation gets worse in the weeks leading to the wedding and we'll have to postpone again. This would be really unfortunate but a risk we're willing to take.
  5. My bachelorette party will be postponed. My bachelorette was supposed to be in the US but naturally in this situation we can't have it before the wedding. I think my MoH are planning to have something in Finland before the wedding and the trip to the US sometime before our honeymoon.
  6. The honeymoon will be postponed. We considered the option of changing our honeymoon plans but for now, have decided to stick to the original plans and go when we can. As Eerikki said, either way, we'll have our honeymoon sooner when we have the wedding this summer, than we would've if we'd postponed by a year or so. We also started thinking about doing a short trip right after the wedding as we might have to wait for our honeymoon for who knows how long, maybe half a year. I was thinking we'd do a short trip somewhere in Finland but Eerikki started talking about Paris... <3 Of course this is another extra expense of which we've already had enough due to corona but then again, we'll have more time to save up for the long honeymoon.

So after everything that's happened it looks like we're having our summer wedding 2020 after all! There was a few months when we didn't really do much wedding related stuff as we really didn't think we'd be able to have it this summer and the whole thought of the wedding was kind of depressing so we're in a bit of a rush now. I had my makeup trial on Monday and hairdo trial tomorrow. We've met with our florists, begun our dancing lessons, started working on my wedding dress again and ordered wedding decorations. We should have plenty of time as long as we work efficiently.

I have to say that it feels so amazing to be planning our wedding again! Of course it can still get postponed due to corona, but at least at the moment the situation here in Finland looks really good.

I'll try to post a lot now that the wedding is back on so you stay up to date with our wedding sprint :D I wish you all a wonderful week!

Nothing to worry about honey, we're doing great! Image: ABC news

As we were thinking of songs for the ceremony, Eerikki came up with new lyrics to the Rednex song Cotton Eye Joe, suitable for all wedding couples affected by the pandemic: If it hadn’t been for covid19 I’d been married a long time go, where did you come from where did you go? Where did you come from covid19? :D

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