Wedding Businesses

During these difficult times, it's important to support local businesses. I've listed my favourite Finnish wedding businesses here, the list will be updated regularly.


Katri Niskanen. Wife-dresses, wedding dresses, scarfs and shawls.

Image: Katri Niskanen

Minna Parikka. Wedding shoes.

Nappitalo. Garter materials, zippers, ribbons and buttons.

Sakari Sauso. Gloves. Fall or winter wedding? Get beautiful white leather gloves here.

Sari's Wedding Accessories. Accessories: garters, veils, boleros etc. Garters with your choice of materials and colors 20 euros, including shipping inside Finland.

Wedding Gifts

Balmuir. Bed linens, candles and more.

Wedding Attire

Katariina. Beautiful wedding dresses, Sis. Idman is a Finnish brand. I also found golden MoH and Bridemugs from here.

Turo. Simply the best place to shop for men's suits in Finland

Villisilkki. Fabrics for dresses for the bride, bridesmaids, mother of the bride/groom, rehearsal dinner etc. The best selection of quality fabrics in Finland.


Decora HouseBig and great selection! My favorite store for party decorations.

Puine. Everything is made from wood. Cake toppers, ring boxes and wedding decorations.


Olli Johan Lindroos. Engagement and wedding rings.


Havu ja Helmi. Beautiful address calligraphy and so much more.

Papershop. Adorable little store and printing house for invitations and other stationary.

Food and Beverages

Cafe Ursula. The location in Kaivopuisto is ideal and the food is great, I especially recommend the brunch. Definitely worth supporting, all profits go to charity, one of the owners is Helsingin Ensikoti ry. A great wedding venue for a small wedding, great for a wedding brunch too.

HSS Paviljong. Our wedding venue, beautiful interior and view. Good food and a beautiful deck to the sea.

Karhujää. Ice cubes and ice decorations.

Kulosaaren Casino. Lovely as a wedding venue as well as a place for lunch.

The Art of Cakes. Wedding cakes and pastries. No matter what kind of a cake you are looking for, Sonja can make it happen.

Valo- ja videokuvaus

Sonja Siikanen. Ihania tunnelmallisia kuvia, myös videokuvausta. Dokumentaarisen hääkuvauksen lisäksi boudoir- ja pariboudoirkuvausta, sekä myös henkilökuvaukset, perhekuvaus ja synnytyskuvaus.

Kuvakollaasi: Sonja Siikanen

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