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Yoga and an awesome Friday

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In August, after a couple of months' summer break, we had a yoga teacher training weekend again and I was a little worried about how it would go since I've been so tired and my belly is already so big. We'll get back to that in a minute but first I have to tell you that the timing of the weekend wasn't good for us either as an annual cabin trip with our friends, Eerikki's friend's bachelor party and one more event were also happening that same weekend. In the end we were able to arrange everything pretty nicely and Eerikki was able to go on the cabin trip for one night on Friday as my mom took Jordan overnight to her place. I had been so tired that I knew I wouldn't even have energy to go anywhere so I didn't really mind that I missed all the events that weekend. Instead, I got our place to myself for the Friday night and it was like the best thing ever!

We finished the yoga teacher classes at 8pm, and since the studio is right next to our home, I was back at our building in time for sauna and pool which is booked for us 8pm every Friday night. It was amazing to swim in cold water and enjoy a hot sauna after a long day of yoga studies. For food I ordered pregnancy-friendly sushi and for drinks I had bought a bottle of non-alcoholic sparkling wine earlier that day. Jordan thinks I look scary when I put on a face mask so I hardly ever do anymore, but since he wasn't home I did that too. I watched several episodes of a TV show I like while eating sushi and drinking alcohol-free sparkling and had a super relaxing evening. I hadn't realized that it was just what I needed.

We started early again the next morning and the day went really well. I had worried for nothing as I didn't have any issues with keeping up with the classes. I was also lucky because on Saturday we practiced teaching relaxation exercises, so I was able to take it really easy and I found the topic really interesting too. I think it's great that they took time to teach this aspect of a yoga class so thoroughly.

On Sunday morning we started with a yoga class again. It was quite an intense class, but there was a pregnancy friendly option for each asana and that also made it lighter so it wasn't too straining at all. On Sunday, the main topic was Ayurveda, so I got to sit and listen for most of the day which is a very pregnancy-friendly activity!

Big belly or even tiredness weren't an issue and I had a really nice weekend again! The next teacher training weekend was in mid September, so it ended yesterday, I'll write about it soon. Now I'm curious as to whether I'll be attending the teacher training in October or giving birth then...

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