Summer Plans

Because I love planning, for me making plans for summer is fun and gets me even more excited about the upcoming summer vacation. Though I prefer to always have a plan, if something better comes up, I have no problem changing plans and going with the new idea! So it's quite possible that I won't end up doing all of these things, but at least I'll have some ideas if I need to come up with something fun to do someday. I hope these will inspire you too and I added links too as some of you might not be so familiar with all of the places. I've also decided to post a pic on instagram every time I do one of these things so follow me there, if you aren't already doing that :).

  • Rug washing at the mattolaituri in Kaivopuisto
    One of my absolute favorites in the summer! Also, our rugs really need a wash right now... This can be a fun all day activity if after washing rugs, you head over to the restaurants and terraces around Kaivopuisto to eat and drink while you wait for the rugs to dry.
  • Dining at Löylyn terassille
    I love going to Löyly for drinks but I haven't been a big fan of the menu. I've decided to give the food another chance this summer as I really love the view there.
  • Korkeasaari
    We've been here already once this summer but we got tickets for the whole year so I'm sure we'll be back many times.
  • Sunbathing in Eiranranta
    This is such a cute mini beach. There's a big beach close by in Hietaniemi with beach volley courts and stuff but I somehow prefer this small one.
  • Tourist Cruises
    Ok, I might have to explain this one a bit... This is one of my funny little traditions but it's so fun! There are cruises leaving from Kauppatori directed mainly at tourists. They tour the archipelago for maybe an hour and a half and there's a bar on the boat. I love going on these cruises, have a few glasses of wine, enjoying the sunshine and listening to stories about historical Helsinki. Let's hope this will be fun without the wine too!
  • Linnanmäki Amusement Park
  • Hietsu Flea market
    During normal times, i.e. before corona virus, I was here at least once a summer selling some stuff I don't need anymore and those days were always so much fun! Random people stop to talk about whatever and usually the weather is amazing. I really hope the flea market will be open this summer.
  • Swimming at Allas Sea Pooliin
    I go here quite often and I'm sure I'll be coming here several times this summer too.
  • Helsingin Jäätelötehdas ice cream in Eiranranta
    Another tradition that just needs to be done each year.
  • Picnic
    So much fun and I'm sure I'll go on several picnics this summer too.
  • Hanko
    Those who've been reading my blog since the beginning may remember that we were supposed to go to Hanko two years ago, but then I was kidnapped to Italy for a proposal instead.This year I'd be ok with Hanko too! :D
  • Kesäkino Engel
    Also an annual tradition. A lovely outdoors movie theater where you can buy drinks and snacks from the cafe inside and the movie selection is cool with a lot of international choices.

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