The Engagement Party

Image: Clarion Hotel Helsinki

Originally published on Meidän Häät website.

Now that the ring arrived, it was time to throw an engagement party! We had already celebrated with Eerikki’s family and were going to celebrate with mine later in the fall but now we wanted to celebrate with our friends.

As Clarion Hotel’s Sky Roomis my favorite bar, I suggested to Eerikki that we’d have the party there. Sky Room is in Jätkäsaari and has an amazing view over Helsinki. Due to tight schedules we booked a table, or rather tables for a Thursday night and ordered enough sparkling bottles that we can offer everone at least one drink. We had about 30 guests. We figured it’s best if people can come straight from work so we scheduled it to start at 530pm.

You can see the excitement about the engagement..

As my mom used to sew for a living, I bought some silk and she made me a dress for the party. It’s a t-shirt dress with an open back (unfortunately that doesn’t show on the pic). Love the dress, thanks mom! 🙂

Yay it’s our engagement party!

The party went really well! It was just great to see all our amazing friends. I really felt that people were so happy for us and very excited for our wedding. It was also nice that our friends had a chance to meet each other before the wedding, in some cases for the first time.

Having an engagement party with friends isn’t so common in Finland but if it’s possible for you, I highly recommend it. With a tight budget you could have a potluck picnic, for example.

Our engagement fireworks?

We didn’t plan on partying late as it was a weeknight, so by 10pm there was only a small group of us left. All of a sudden, we saw that there were fireworks outside. So we actually, by total accident, got to celebrate our engagement with fireworks. It was all almost too perfect.. So I should point out that Eerikki missed the fireworks as he was in the bathroom… Me and the remaining guests did, however, really enjoy our engagement fireworks 😀

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