Engagement Pictures

All pictures: Matilda Saarinen

Originally published on Meidän Häät website.

Our wedding photography package includes a practice photoshoot before the wedding so we decided to use it to take our engagement pictures. We went to the Winter Garden on our 7 month engagement anniversary and it turned out to be not only fun but very useful as well. The Winter Garden is a beautiful place for taking wedding pictures as well which many couples seem to have discovered as there were two wedding couples getting their pictures taken while we there. That was only a good thing though, it took attention away from us and it’s always nice to see happy newlyweds.

After the experience I highly recommend an engagement/practice/whateverexcuse photoshoot before the wedding if possible. Here are a few reasons why.

  1. You learn to be photographed together. It’s one thing to know how to pose alone but it’s very different to do it together, especially for wedding pictures where you want to get a certain feel to the pictures whether it’s cute, romantic, funny or something else.
  2. You can see the photographer’s style and know better what you want for your wedding pictures and what you don’t like. 
  3. You wont be as nervous or awkward during your wedding photoshoot as you’ve already done it once.
  4. You’ll get lovely pictures of the two of you together from before the wedding. You can choose matching outfits, a cool location or anything else that you won’t have in your wedding pictures. 

So, what did we learn from the photoshoot?

a) Sleep! We had both slept really bad the night before and at times it felt like we could barely get our eyes open for the pictures 😀 This isn’t something you can necessarily prevent before the wedding but I’m definitely going to google how to get rid of bags under eyes before the wedding…

b) Eerikki doesn’t feel comfortable smiling in pictures, he said he’s going to practice that before the wedding 🙂

c) The photoshoot inspired us to think about our wedding pictures. We’re both excited to plan what kind of cool things we could do in our wedding pictures.

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