Corona virus and weddings 3: Regulations for the summer

The moment I had been waiting for finally arrived yesterday. I had waited for a week to hear what the new corona virus regulations regarding private events would be as we were still full on with our wedding plans for this summer. Well, the news weren't good. They increased the number of people allowed in an event from 10 to 50, at least until end of June. The problem is, we were supposed to have our wedding in mid July with a 100 guests...

Even in the case that the next regulations would allow 100 people in an event - which I find unlikely right now, but then again the situation seems to change almost daily - even in that case, we would have to put together a wedding in 2 weeks. That's nearly impossible besides I doubt we can cancel florists, cakes, venue etc. with a 2 week notice if the regulations don't change. Well, not with out losing a lot of money.

So how do I feel? Not great, especially yesterday I was feeling really low. The thought of having to start calling around and let everyone know we have to postpone the wedding is not tempting at all. However, I know myself and I know I'll be feeling down for a day or two and then I'll get all excited about our backup plan and start making plans for that. So, it's a good thing we made plans b, c and d too.

We had a funeral for our July wedding last night. Tossavainen and Norppa were there paying their respects too, so stayed within the corona regulations with under 10 participants...

When starting to make our back up plans, we first had to discuss what is important and what can we be flexible with. The two most important things for us were that we want the big fancy wedding we've been planning all year and we want our wedding as soon as possible. And yes, those are sort of contradicting each other at the moment :D

We found a way to make both of those things happen, here are our plans:

a) Wedding on the original date. This isn't gonna happen, so moving on to the next plan...

Wedding on a Friday at the end of the summer. Naturally all Saturdays this summer had been booked long ago but we figured people would understand if we had to move it to a Friday, under these circumstances, and I would imagine most people would be able to get the day off. So that's our plan right now, a Friday at the end of the summer at our original wedding venue HSS Paviljong. With this plan the only thing we have to change are the flowers, I won't get the peonies I wanted but that's a small loss.

c) If we can't have our wedding -as we want it- in the summer, but we can have a wedding in the winter, we'll do that. However, and this is the important part, we don't want to have it in Helsinki then, as we'd have to change our venue anyways and all our stuff is for a summer wedding and there might not even be snow. So, for a winter wedding, we'll have it abroad. This is in the case, that traveling is allowed, of course. At the moment we're thinking Italy. Normally we wouldn't had thought about having a wedding abroad just because it gets so expensive for the guests but we came to the conclusion that in this case, nobody has traveled (or done much else) for a long time so people might actually be really excited about this. Then again, there might be some people who's financial situation the virus affected so severely that they can't afford to travel. This is really unfortunate, of course but I don't think there is a perfect solution here no matter what kind of a wedding we try to have.

Image: Wedding Italy

d) We move our wedding by a year and have it in the original location in the summer 2021. That's in a way an easy option but then on the other hand I really don't want to postpone everything by a year. There's also the fact that nobody knows what the situation will be then either and in the worst case, we can't have it then either.

So there's still a chance that we'll have to make new backup plans but this is what we have right now.

I want to add that with all this uncertainty it has been so great that we have gotten so much help from the different service providers we've booked and they have been so accommodating. Our venue, HSS PaviljongI have emailed a few times a week at times changing our backup plans and asking questions and they've always tried to help out and come up with solutions. I know this is such a difficult time for all the businesses too so it's been so kind that they have still been able to try to help us out. If you haven't checked it out yet, I have a wedding business' list on the blog with companies we've supported during this difficult time or that we highly recommend.

While I'm disappointed about our wedding, it does make me happy that these new regulations made a lot of other people's weddings possible. I wish you all a wonderful wedding and maybe we'll still have ours in August :)


  • Inka

    Voi kurjuus! Osanottoni teille tässä kurjassa tilanteessa. 🥺 Me vielä jännitetään, mikä on tilanne elokuun alun suhteen… Mutta pakko tässä on ollut jo henkisesti valmistautua siihen, että ehkä hääjuhlaa ei silloin voi viettää. Onhan niitä toki pahempiakin asioita kuin häiden siirtyminen, mutta kyllä häät on henkilökohtaisella tasolla sen verran iso asia, että on ihan luvallista harmistua! Voimia ja tsemppiä teille – pidän kovasti peukkuja, että saatte häät järjestettyä niin lähellä alkuperäistä päivää kuin mahdollista! Ja kiitos myös tästä postauksesta – sain siitä vähän voimia omien varasuunnitelmien miettimiseen. 😊

    • Sissi

      Kiitos empatiasta 💗 joo on tää kyllä aika vaikeaa aikaa suunnitella häitä 😅 toivotaan nyt kovasti, että voitte pitää häät elokuun alussa!

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