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Crises and crafts

I am sorry I haven't been writing more frequently like I threatened but we've been having some crises here!! Ok, we only have two crises but they are big ones.

1. Coronavirus is making a subtle comeback here in Finland...

2. I don't have a dress

So nothing very important to worry about, as you can see... :D
Coronavirus - positives: Weddings don't seem to have lead to many infections and we don't even have a buffet. Also our venue is suitable for 3 times the amount of guests we'll be having so we have plenty of space. Also the rise in infections is slow, at least right now.
Wedding dress: Half of my dress is still undone. Positives: I have a beautiful robe... :D Ok, I think this will be fixed in time too, so probably nothing to worry about.

I'll return to the topics above once there is more to say about them, until then I'll talk about something more fun.

We went to taste our wedding menu and it was so good! It feels conceited to be this excited about food at your own wedding but seriously, go and have dinner at HSS Paviljongsometime. We chose asparagus for the appetizer even though there was a salmon option too which I thought would've been my favorite but the asparagus was just divine. We weren't sure about the wines but in the end decided to go with italian wines, as it's a bit of our theme and Eerikki proposed in Venice.

Also the legal part is all done now as we went to see our officiant with our certificate of non-impediment.

Today we had our crafts day with our wedding party and the first ones were at our place at 9am. We finished at 9pm so we've been working hard! I have to say that we really have the best team as our backup and support <3

Bestmen painting peonies
The picture is of bad quality but our work was top notch! :D

Eerikki has a suit, bestmen have suits, MoHs and bridesmaids have dresses, though they still need a few little fixes. I have... beautiful earrings :D But hey, it's all gonna work out! :)

All the best to all end of the summer and fall wedding couples!

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