Weird wedding dreams

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It's not uncommon to have weird or stressful dreams before your wedding. I know Eerikki and at least one of our bestmen have had them too. I decided to start writing mine down so I can share them here with all of you. As there's still two weeks to our wedding, it's possible that part 2 to this post will follow :D

This first one I had several months ago and I'd say it's a typical wedding dream.

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The wedding is about to start, we're at Liuskasaari where the wedding will be and pretty much nothing is ready, including my dress. My mom, who's making my wedding dress, somehow gets the dress ready but I'm still missing underpants. My mom offers to go and buy me some and comes back with kids Spiderman underpants. I'm totally shocked, thinking am I seriously getting married in these...

The next dream is from the night before my bachelorette party. It had occurred to me, that it could be my bachelorette party the next day when I was supposed to go to the spa with one of my bridesmaids but I was pretty much sure it wouldn't be then. It appears, that my subconscious disagreed...

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I'm walking home and I see this particular bridesmaid in a car in front of our house. I realize what's going on so I stay outside the house and wait. She gets out of the car with two other people wearing something big and red. I start seeing a crowd of people behind them and finally I see that there's maybe 25 people approaching me. They're all wearing the same red thing and as they get closer I can see that it's a red rain poncho. Naturally they all have their hoods on, naturally it's not raining... Apparently the idea was that they would all match and they figured that a rain poncho was the best option.. No one's still saying a word to me and I just stand there outside our building watching this rain poncho gang approaching. Once they get to the front of the house, one of them puts an old boombox next to me and presses play. Two of my male friends, one an actual friend and the other one a figment of my imagination, come next to the boombox and start doing some kind of a dance show for me. I try to get in the spirit and I start laughing and clapping my hands while about 20 people are just staring silently next to me. The situation is so awkward and that's what wakes me up.

This dream is from last night and I have to say kudos to my subcoscious for "cooking it up". It really expresses the feeling I have with the dress not being ready and there wedding is right around the corner. "The water is boiling but are we gonna get this soup done?"

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I decide to make a soup but once the water is boiling I realize I didn't get any ingredients. I start looking in the pantry and fridge for something to put in there and the result is a watery and slightly creamy noodle soup. It's disgusting and I decide to throw it away. Next I decide to make an alcohol-free (?!) Dry Martini or some other aperitif utilizing what I find in the fridge. My phone rings and as I'm busy basically trying to figure out how to transform a stick of butter and a bottle of ketchup to alcohol-free vermouth and gin, Eerikki offers to take the call. Eerikki says my mom had asked his advice on how to make different parts of the dress and I wake up worrying that Eerikki now knows what kind of a dress I'm going to have.

More posts coming up soon :)

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