Invitations, i.e. everything that can go wrong…

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We haven’t mailed out our invitations yet but so far everything that could go wrong with them, has pretty much done so 😀 Here’s a list of everything that has gone wrong (so far!).

  1. I ordered a wax seal stamper in the fall already. When it arrived I sent a message to my finnish bridesmaid/MoH group asking if they can read what it says. One of my bridesmaids immediately replied: Sure! It says ”I & do”. Well, that’s great, except that it was supposed to read ”S&E”. So, I ordered a new one.
  2. The wax I had ordered was supposed to be peach. In reality, it was pink. So I decided to order some white wax instead, thinking you can’t go wrong with that color. When it arrived, I realized it didn’t have a wick. So next I had to go out and buy a spoon to melt it with. I have also bought three shades of gold wax, trying to find a decent one. I think I have enough wax to seal my mail for the rest of my life now 😀
  3. We had ordered samples of the invitations and envelopes and when they arrived, they were perfect. So I put in an order but the envelopes we received were not the ones we had chosen. The seller promised to send the right ones, that took two weeks.
  4. The invitations took forever to get to me in the first place as they were supposed to arrive in mid-December but never did. In mid-January I started tracking them down and found out they were in the post office. I was confused of why I was never notified of their arrival. When I was sitting there at the post office, waiting for my turn, I went through my bag and found the notification letter there, dated 12.13. With my xmas brain I had just chucked it in the bag and then totally forgotten it ever existed. 
  5. I'll be doing a collaboration with Havu ja Helmi , which I’m really excited about and will tell you more about later 🙂 The next step with the invitations was to send the envelopes to them in Tampere. A week and a half later, they still hadn’t arrived. So, time to head out to the stores and buy new ones, send them via express mail and with tracking, this time.
I&do want a new stamper…

As we haven’t sent the invitations out yet, there’s always a possibility for more mishaps but I’m hoping this was it. On top of it all, we had set the RSVP date on the invitations to 3.1 (!) for some weird reason so I really hope we get them to our guests before that.

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