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Our little one's room is finally ready!

I've been giving you updates on the room's progress for the last few months (!) and the biggest, well really only, problem with the room has been the walls. First, it took three different shades of gray to get the walls gray as the first two looked purple up on the wall... Then, once the walls were finally gray we had equally frustrating issues with the wallpaper that was to go on one of the walls. The first wallpaper was beige/pink and the second one was a blueish green. In case you're wondering what was the exotic wallpaper color we were after the answer is white. White. Based on the pictures online and according to the descriptions the wallpapers were white but when they were up on the wall they definitely weren't. Finally I decided not to shop online anymore but went to a shop and bought a really pretty white wallpaper with gold stars. Now everything is ready and I'm so happy with the room!

I love colors but lately I've been more into lighter colors and less into bright colors. I decided to make Bebe's room mostly white with some gray and gold with a little bit of peach and maybe mint. Yes, I still love those colors even though they were in a big part at our wedding too. Pretty much all of Bebe's clothes are also white or light beige or gray with few other light colors so this is definitely my thing right now.

Apart from a few pictures all that the room is missing is the baby!

I got the drawer second hand and changed the knobs for that and the closet with glass doors from white to golden ones. You may remember from our wedding preparations that I'm passionate about spray painting stuff and that hasn't changed! We spray painted the shelves on the wall, two old tables and an old mirror gold.

I found the adorable whale mobile from Etsy. I was able to choose the colors for it so that it would go well with the colors in the room. The unicorn above the bed is from the Kamppi shopping center. I named it Giannis (if you follow NBA you'll understand why). The wallpaper is from RTV. The marble tray is from H&Mand when I found marble coversfor the baby monitor I just had to get them. I consider them and the bag for baby wipes (Pikku Vanilja) the cutes un-necessities and definitely worth the purchase!

The baby's crib will be in our bedroom for the first few months but I think he'll enjoy the room when he's a bit older.

And so this project has finally reached its conclusion, I'd say that this is an excellent timing to come out Bebe! No? I guess we'll just keep waiting then...

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