Our vacation has started!

Collaboration: Thann Spa

Our month long summer vacation started last weekend!
Even though the only person I have to answer to with my PhD work is myself and my hours are as flexible as I want them to be, it’s completely different to be on an actual vacation, otherwise I’m constantly thinking what I need to do next for my PhD or I'm crossing off things from my To Do lists. The blog isn’t going on a vacation though so I’ll be publishing posts all through July and I’ll be active on instagram too.

The weather has been amazing pretty much since the start of June and it looks like it’ll stay this way. Now I don’t even mind if we’ll get a few rainy days, besides, I love rain!
I always think that you should start your vacation with something special. Some, even small, event or ritual to make you feel like now it’s vacation time and it’s time to clear your head from all the regular work stuff. This summer I decided to start my summer vacation with a manicure-pedicure treatment at the lovely Thann Spa. If you haven’t read it yet hereis a post on my last visit there where I got a facial and a Mother to Be treatment.

The Foot and Hand Spa treatment took a little over two hours and it included a full manicure and pedicure and a quick hand and foot massage. The place has a great atmosphere and the tea I was offered was really good, by the way! If you get a chance to visit the place, try the white tea with lavender.

 I was really happy with the end result. I picked a peachy nude colors for both toe and fingernails and got the toe nail polish to keep.

After the treatment I was ready to start my vacation and Eerikki and I started our vacation with a night off at a hotel. We both work from home nowadays so it felt important to change the scenery for a bit to really leave all the work stuff behind. We had such a relaxing start for our vacation and now I have my hands and feet all beautiful for the rest of the vacation :).

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