Reading list for honeymoon

Our honeymoon preparations are almost done! Our coronavirus tests were negative, as expected, so now we're ready to go.

Because I love reading I always take a lot of books with me on vacations and there's been a few times when we've had to search around for english language books at our travel destination as I've run out of books to read. Nowadays I have a book app on my phone so that wouldn't happen anymore but I love reading actual books so I'm definitely taking some with me.

There's no specific theme for my reading list except, well, honeymoon, as I managed to find a few interesting books with a honeymoon theme. Each book has a link to a site that describes the book in better detail, some of them are in Finnish though, sorry about that.

  1. Busman’s Honeymoon
    Agatha Christie type detective novel from the 1930s.

2. Honeymoon with Death
Published in 2019 but takes place in the 1920s, also a Christie type novel.

3. Bad as I Wanna Be
I'm really excited about this one! After watching The Last Dance from Netflix, I got really interested in Dennis Rodman's eccentric personality and basketball talent and so I ordered his autobiography... which arrived about six months later. Now on our honeymoon I finally get to read it!

4. Dreams from my Father audiobook
From Dennis Rodman there's a natural transition to Barack Obama :D We've been listening to this book together with Eerikki and we'll finish it on the honeymoon.

5. Kohti Ikuisuutta (Towards Infinity)
This book has been waiting for its turn for years, I think its time has finally come.

6. Tarja Halonen – Erään Aktivistin Tarina audiobook
This is our bookclub's book so I'll finish it on the honeymoon.

7. Waking Gods
This is the second part of a book series. I read the first one some time ago, it wasn't that good but apparently good enough for me to get the second part too. :P

8. Brave New World
This is a scifi classic from the 1930s. I watched the show based on this from HBO and now I'm excited to read the book.

9. The Order of Time
I'm really excited about this one as the concept of time has been on my mind a lot recently and I find it very intriguing. I've read two other books from the author and I like his way of writing though it bothers me that he always uses the pronoun "he" for scientist...

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