Our Christmas and New Year

We had started planning our Christmas and New Year months in advance as we knew they would be different now that we'll have a small baby. In the end, we decided to spend xmas with my family at our place. We've don't that before in the past and we concluded it would be the best option for this year as well.

I wanted us to have something fun to do on NYE as well but it needed to be something that would be easy to do with a baby. So, I came up with what I think was a great idea! We booked a hotel room from the Clarion hotel in Helsinki's Jätkäsaari with a view to fireworks. This way we could watch the fireworks from the warmth of our hotel room and wouldn't have to go through any trouble and it wouldn't matter if the baby is asleep or awake. We would also have a nice hotel breakfast to start the new year with. With any luck we could go swimming, to sauna and the Sky Room bar for drinks.

Let's start with Christmas. Christmas went really well, my sister offered to hold the baby during dinner (as he prefers sleeping in someone's arms) and Jordan was pretty content and calm all Christmas -except for one tantrum when we were going to bed on Christmas eve. Making xmas porridge with a baby on my arms was not a success, however. The first one boiled over and the second attempt tasted quite...um, smokey. In fact it tasted like it had gone out for a morning cigarette. If you're wondering why Eerikki didn't do one of the tasks, he usually sleeps in in the morning as he takes care of the baby at nighttime until early morning.
At least this year I finally found the almond (that I had hidden) from the xmas porridge (that I had made) and thus received the "almond present" (that I had bought) :D. Regardless of all that, I was very happy about my find whereas poor Eerikki was polite and ate his cigarette-porridge and didn't even get an almond present as a compensation...

We spent our Christmas Eve eating, talking and of course, cooing over the baby. On Christmas Day, we watched movies and ate tons of junk food. Jordan spent the Christmas mostly in someone's arms, though he did sleep in his own bed a couple of times.

On New Year's Eve, we headed to our hotel and Jordan slept happily the short trip there. We managed to visit Sky Room bar for a drink even though our little one was attached to me the whole time - on the other hand, I've never had such a lovely accessory for my NYE's look.

For the rest of the evening we stayed in our room, ordered some dinner from the room service, had some champagne and watched the fireworks. In the morning my mom came to pick Jordan up for a walk so Eerikki and I could have breakfast just the two us.
Unfortunately, the pool and sauna of the hotel were closed due to Covid but luckily we got a room with a bath tub so we were happy.

So, in conclusion, everything went really well! We were all really tired during Christmas but it that was ok. We had chosen the kind of food that was either ready-made or quick and easy to cook so we could take it easy at Christmas. On NYE, it was really nice to leave the house for a bit and the fireworks were amazing! We could watch several fireworks at the same time from our three huge windows and will definitely go back to Clarion some year.

I'm excited about the upcoming Christmases and New Years with a toddler and a child, it's exciting how all the holidays have also changed their nature with the arrival of a new family member! I hope you all enjoyed your holidays 🤍.


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