Our Christmas

Merry christmas everyone!

This year our christmas theme was "as lazily as possible" :D Usually I love christmas preparations but this year I just never got in the mood. First I thought it was because we just had our wedding and had done so much for that but now I'm thinking it could just be this corona time that's tiring everyone out. Overall we've been super tired and stressed out recently so we really need our upcoming vacation.

The one tradition we managed, gingerbread cookies

At the beginning of December we put up some xmas decorations and I had a small christmas party with my book club but that was pretty much it for christmas traditions.

Book club xmas party

On christmas eve we stayed at Hotel Haven which was an awesome idea for a lazy christmas like this.

We arrived at the hotel around 2pm on xmas eve. Before dinner Eerikki and I went downstairs for drinks and my nephew joined us. He and I practiced some chess with the gorgeous chessboard at the bar by the fireplace. Then we headed off to dinner at the hotel's restaurant with the whole family. After that we opened presents at my mom and sister's room and then took a walk around the quiet streets of the city center.

The next morning we had hotel christmas breakfast and then opened our morning presents. Eerikki and I headed to our room and played some Uno before heading back home :). We spent the night playing games, overall it was a nice and relaxing day.

This was an untypical xmas for us but it was easy and relaxing, just what was needed. I'm sure next year we'll be all excited about christmas preparations and the whole deal but I think every once in a while we'll do something different, it was definitely a fun change!

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