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Our home before and after renovation: Entryway

The walls at the entryway were a grayish blue when we first moved in. We fixed the walls and painted them in turquoise shade light blue, the same color as the hallway. We fixed the doors, sanded and painted them, painted the ceiling and sanded and tinted the floor, the same that we did for every room. The little walk-in closet at the entryway got a new wallpaper and became Eerikki's closet, I got the closets in the bedroom. This was especially handy when Eerikki still left for office early each morning as this way he didn't need to turn on the lights in the bedroom and go through the closets but instead I could sleep in.

Entryway door, before renovation
Before renovation
Before renovation
After the renovation

We moved the large mirror from the wall to the guest room and put a smaller mirror on the door. Eerikki had suggested that we'd put a large beach landscape wallpaper in the living room but I was worried that it would dominate the whole room. We decided to put it in the entryway instead - another great idea from Eerikki!
The lamp shade I ordered makes shadows on the walls that look like palm leaves (this was a lucky surprise), the rug we chose because it looks like beach sand.

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