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Our home before and after renovation: Hallway

The next room I'll be presenting is...the hallway.

Before renovation

We painted the walls with a turquoise shade light blue. From Ikea we found boxes in the same color as our wall so we didn't have to hide them behind closed doors.

After the renovation

I was thinking about putting a make-up table on the hallway but in the end we decided to go with something more practical and put a drawer there. We really needed more storage space so this was a good solution.

I bought a second hand cupboard online and the pineapple lampshade is from Laura Ashely. We put a picture shelf on the wall and hung a world map above it. As a housewarming present, my mom got us a picture of what the area of our building looked like decades ago so we hung that pic next to the bathroom door so that our guests would have something pretty to look at while waiting in line for the bathroom. :)

The rug matched our floor well and we have the same rug in the entryway as well.
More posts on our apartment next week, have a nice weekend!

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