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Our home before and after renovation: Kitchen

The kitchen was in the worst shape of all the rooms in the condo when we first moved in. As we knew there would be a big plumbing renovation coming up in 2023 (we bought the place in 2017), we didn't want to do anything major with the kitchen before that, we just needed to get it nice enough that we'd be happy with it until the renovation.

Before renovation

We got rid of the old door. It was a pretty door but not our style at all and had no real use.

Before renovation

We got a new fridge, freezer and stove and got a dishwasher installed. We got new tiles for the wall and repainted the walls and the ceiling. As the cupboards were from the 60s we couldn't find new doors for them from stores, but got them made to order instead. We got a few glass doors because I thought it would look nice since I had painted the cupboards turquoise from the inside.

After the renovation

We got a new sink and a new counter top installed.

I painted the wine rack turquoise and we got a turquoise toaster and kettle.

The step stool above is covered with leftover pieces of the wallpaper in the entry way .

That was the last room, so that was our home, people! Have a lovely Easter!


    • Sissi

      Kiitos! Ollaan itsekin tykätty kovasti, tietenkin nyt alkaa jo olla sellainen olo, että voisi tehdä kaiken uudelleen 😀

  • Satu

    Kaunis lopputulos ja ihanat värivalinnat, erityisesti noissa kaakeleissa! Meilläkin pitäisi kutsua putkimies tarkastamaan putkien kunto täällä Jyväskylässä. Jos putkiremontti on ajankohtainen niin haluasin myös remontoida sekä keittiön, että kylppärin samassa yhteydessä.

    • Sissi

      Kiitos! Joo, putkiremontti on hyvä aika laittaa keittiö ja kylppäri kuntoon. Meillä vielä pari vuotta siihen 🙂

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