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Our home before and after renovation: Bedroom

Out of the two bedrooms at our condo, we chose this one for ourselves due to the view. In size, the two bedrooms are pretty much the same. The room had smokey lavender walls which we painted white. We put a monstera leave wallpaper in one corner and in time, the room got a tropical birds -theme.

Bedroom before renovation

There was an ancient closet in the room which we gave away for free. We painted the wall and got the floor sanded and tinted.

Old closet
After the renovation

The old closet got replaced by sliding mirror doors and new closets behind them.

I got glasses cut to size to fit the top of the nightstands so that I could put the rest of the monstera wallpaper under the glass. The monstera theme repeats in a few pillows, wall art and nightstands.

As the bedrooms aren't very big, I put a shelf on the wall for extra storage space but we ended up using it mainly for decorative items. We got new light switches for the whole place and put a dimmer in the bedroom.

Ps. If wrinkled sheets bother you, don't get a drying washing machine ;).


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