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Our home before and after renovation: Living Room

When I first saw the place, this window between the living room and the kitchen really caught my eye. The real estate agent told me that the person who's place this used to be, worked at Arabia doing ceramics and she had gotten this window done so that she could display her artwork.

The walls and the ceiling had gone a bit yellowish so we repainted them white. We also got the floors sanded and tinted throughout the condo.

The opening between the living room and the kitchen, before the renovation
Living room, before the renovation

We painted one of the walls turquoise as I was really into turquoise at that time. As you can see from the pictures, I love colors and wanted our home to have some color too. It was also important to me that our place would look like both of us, so while Eerikki isn't as enthusiastic about interior design as I am, he had a good amount of ideas and the place definitely wouldn't look as nicei it weren't for Eerikki's suggestions. The actual renovations were mainly done by me and my mom.

In front of the couch on the left hand side is the door to the balcony

My mom got a great idea for the window sill too. It was all cracked and ugly and I couldn't figure out what to do with it. My mom suggested I turn it around and make a mosaic on it, I think the end result was really cool.

The dining table gets moved around depending on how many people we have over and the director's chair changes places too occasionally. The napkins in the coffee table are chosen to match the season.

The BAR-sign is from the US and the painting we bought from Cuba. The bar is from Ikea and the led lights were bought separately, I installed them afterwards.

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