Interior design

Our outdoors movie theater

One thing I love about our condo is our huge balcony. Last spring Eerikki had a great idea, well he probably had several, but this one is relevant now :P, he suggested that in the fall we'd turn our balcony into an outdoors movie theater.

So, we ordered a projector and a screen online. We already had an IR heater but we got a second couch and updated the general look a bit. We had some peach blankets and some mint green vases left over from the wedding so our balcony is now in peach-mint theme colors as well.

I love fall and I've loved spending nights on our balcony watching movies and listening to the rain and smelling the fall air. With the heater on, it gets almost too hot so I would imagine we'd be able to use our movie theater throughout the winter as well.

As drinking good tea is an important part of my fall and winter rituals, I also ordered new tea pots. I didn't get new mugs as I've put myself in a mug buying ban... which I break regularly. When I moved back to Finland, I owned two bags of luggage and a few boxes worth of stuff, mainly filled with mugs... Then I bought more mugs, as I wanted the certain kind of mugs and then mugs for glogi etc. and now we have enough mugs to supply for the whole building.

When I lived in Australia, I found this adorable tea shop called T2 . As a poor student I couldn't afford buying anything but I always went in to admire the pretty mugs and teapots. :D A few months ago I noticed that they deliver to Finland so I immediately ordered a few tea pots, shown above. Next I can start collecting matching teapots for each mug we have :D

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