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We're expecting!

I'm so excited to be finally able to tell you that, if all goes well, we're having a baby in November!

It's pretty funny that the due date is in November as I have so many relatives from both my mom and my dad's side born in November, it's like our family's official birthing month :D

The first trimester has gone well. Ok, I've been super tired and more or less nauseated every day but still I'd say it's hasn't been too bad, I haven't been sick and I'm feeling better every day.

In case you've wondered why I haven't been writing as often as usual then that's exactly why, I've been so tired and nauseated. Luckily I'm feeling better already and I have tons of topics on my mind that I want to write about! I promise it won't all be about baby stuff :).

The 14th week of pregnancy started today and we had the first free ultrasound on Friday. In Finland if there are no health concerns for the mom or baby, each expecting mom gets two ultrasounds for free, otherwise they get more. We got one at our own expense at week 8 so that's what I mean when I say the one on Friday was the first free ultrasound.

I had to switch to maternity clothes almost immediately after I took the positive pregnancy test as I got so bloated right away and now I look like I've swallowed a kids soccer ball. In fact, the Marimekko dress in the picture is one of the few things I can still fit into comfortably!

Have a great start of the week!


  • MaisaK

    Ihanaa, paljon onnea! Ja luksusta meille, jos pääset kirjoittamaan useammin- juttujasi on tosi kiva seurailla.

  • Eva Tervala

    Skorpioni vauva 🦂 Nyt on todella syytä iloon. Me skorpionit olemme niin charmikkaita ja älykkäitä.
    Onneksi olkoon.

    • Sissi

      Kiitos paljon! Meillä on koko suku täynnä skorpioneja, niin olisihan se ollut jo melkein outoa saada jokin muu kuin skorpioni-vauva 😄

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