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Mini honeymoon in Finland

I think that the last thing I've written about our honeymoon was that we're planning a month long honeymoon once the corona situation allows it and as we weren't sure when that would be, we decided to take a short trip right after the wedding. So we planned a lovely romantic trip to Paris and Disney Land... until France's corona situation got really bad again. So we decided to travel somewhere in Finland. In a way we have a fun situation as our Paris trip could only be postponed, not canceled, and we have also paid for Disney World in Florida which could only be postponed too. So we will be going to both, just not yet. On the other hand, it does worry me at times that we've spent a lot of money on stuff we can't even use yet and will need to use a lot more once we can travel...

But let's get to the point! We researched different locations and finally chose Saimaa as our destination. I don't have my driver's license yet, Eerikki is teaching me to drive, so we didn't want to go too far as Eerikki would have to do all the driving. Also, to make the driving more fun, we decided to rent a convertible for the trip. So on the Monday after the wedding we were off. I had gotten us all kinds of honeymoon clothes and we took some of them with us on our mini honeymoon. We wore our peach colored "honeymoonin" sweaters for the trip, which suited the weather well as it was about 17C and it can get a bit chilly in a convertible.

Off to our honeymoon with the wind in our hairs!

Under the sweaters we wore our "Just married" t-shirts. They were really cute when we were walking around together but when we were separated they were a bit weird... Eerikki's "JUST" ("as if" in Finnish) shirt made him seem like a teenager with an attitude and my "married" sort of looked like I had very conceitedly put my marital status on my shirt to scare off any interested suitors... :D

Just married -shirts and our ride!

First we headed to Järvisydän spa-hotel which we had visited once before a few years ago and really loved. We arrived around 5.45pm and we had a champagne cruise on a yacht at 6pm so we just dropped off our bags at the reception and changed in the bathroom. I wore my Katri Niskanen dress that I had gotten as my "wife dress", my Christian Louboutin wedding pumps, Gaura Pearls' earrings and my new pearl necklace - an outfit fit for a yacht, I thought :D If you're wondering about the bruises on my legs, explanation can be found from the wedding post

After about 20 minutes it started pouring down. It was so amazing, the lake looked gorgeous and I just love rain. The sky and the lake were a beautiful grey blue and we went inside to admire the view.

Make it rain champagne?

As we approached the hotel, the rain stopped and a beautiful rainbow emerged. I'll leave it to you to derive a corny anecdote for a marriage from that :D

When you're on your honemoon on a yacht and there's a rainbow in the sky, it's impossible to get a good picture together, here's my best attempt...

Then it was time for a jacuzzi in our room and a three course dinner.

Next day we went canoeing. I had hoped to see some ringed seals, which we didin't, but we saw some weird wave, maybe that was a few of them swimming past us :)


After our canoeing trip we headed to the spa. My arm was still quite bruised and I had gotten some bandaids and help with cleaning it from the hotel and then I remembered waybread! When I was little whenever I or my sister hurt ourselves, mom always told us to get a waybread leaf from the yard. I googled it, and it might have some truth in it, so there I was with my new hubby picking up leaves from the spa's yard.

At the spa

The previous night the karaoke at the bar was just finishing when we got back from our dinner so I only had time to sing one song. This time we got there early and surprisingly it was Eerikki who was more enthusiastic to sing! In the end we were the only people singing that night, I want to think it was our high quality singing that scared off all competition, not that our horrible wailing did so... :D We sang and rapped the whole night, together and separately and we had so much fun! I'm not sure how much fun the bar staff had though :D

A happy hubby

The next day it was time for the second part of our trip, which was two nights at Holiday Club Saimaa. We had never been there but loved it immediately. Our room was so pretty too with a bathtub and a lovely view of the lake.

View from the room
The room, or half of it anyways..

We went to the spa and competed at the water slide and ball game, with me winning in both :D In the evening Eerikki suggested that we'd go see the sunset which was beautiful.

Watching the sunset

The next day we both had spa treatments and then played arcade games for a little bit. Once we headed off to dinner I realized I didn't have my phone on me anymore. I was really worried, mainly because all our honeymoon pics were there. I checked the game area and then went to the reception to ask if someone had turned it in. Luckily, it was there and so I explained to this, maybe 60 year old, lady that I was worried I'd lose all our honeymoon pics and she looked at me all shocked and said " good heavens, always put your pictures directly to a cloud server!". It was some good advice and even more heartwarming coming from her :D

With my phone back on me, it was time to go bowling. We got some pretty psychedelic pictures with our Star Wars shirts, that didn't go directly to a cloud server though... Then a few more arcade games and then back to our room.

The next day it was time to head back home. We stopped over in Porvoo for lunch and then had to get going as I had planned Eerikki a birthday celebration for the same night as he would be away the next day which was his actual birthday.

Lunch in Porvoo

That was our four night mini honeymoon! We're waiting for traveling to become accessible again so that we can take our long honeymoon, let's hope that's soon. This mini trip was really great though! We were so exhausted after the wedding, and several weeks after, but this trip was really fun and relaxing and definitely did us good :)

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