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Mother to Be -treatment: St George Spa

Already in my first pregnancy I felt that the best thing you can do pregnant, aside from ultrasounds, is to get spoiled at Mother to be- treatments. I went to a few of them and plan to go this time as well, which is where I got the idea of writing a short review about each one. The treatments are often quite valuable so this way if you also want to go to, I have already tried them out and you can choose the one that sounds best to you. So, this is the start of a new series of posts, which will have more parts as the pregnancy progresses: Mother to Be -treatments.

Most spas and day spas don't offer treatments for expectant mothers during the first trimester. I guess this is because that is when the risk of miscarriage is the highest, although I don't think there is any evidence that you could get a miscarriage from a spa massage. On the other hand, most get at at least some level of nausea during the first months, so maybe it's best to wait for it to pass so that you can really enjoy the treatment.

So I went for a treatment right when the second trimester started and the first one I tried out was St George Spa'sPregnancy luxury treatment, which included a 30-minute massage and a 50-minute facial. The treatment therefore lasts 80 minutes and it costs 175 euros. I wondered a bit about this division, it figured expectant mom's would need a longer massage more than a long facial, but I felt that a half-hour massage was enough to treat the couple of areas that I requested and maybe that division can also be changed upon request. The massage was good, I said quite clearly what I wanted and how strong a massage I like, I definitely recommend communicating clearly what you want and need. So the same advice works for massages and relationships 😄.

The facial was great and overall the whole 80-minute treatment was really relaxing and pampering, just what I was looking for. St George Spa is definitely my favorite place as the treatments always come with access to the swimming area with a beautiful small pool, cold water pool, steam room and a regular sauna. In addition, they have various cosmetic products on display that you can try out during your visit. The treatments also include the use of the lounge area, where fruit, nuts and tea are served. The staff is very friendly these days. If you book a treatment here, definitely reserve at least an hour for the swimming area as well.

I was really happy with my visit to St George Spa once again and the Luxury Pregnancy Treatment was worth the price. As a small minus, I would say that it had to be requested clearly to get a strong massage, and if I came to the treatment with body all aching like many have late in pregnancy, a half-hour massage wouldn't be enough time to fix all that.

The spa area is gorgeous and the service is good. The treatment was really relaxing and pleasant. Four stars ****.

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  • Pena

    VAU, näyttää hienolta altaalta tonnehan voisi hypätä kerran jos parikin uiskentelemaan. Täytyypi pitää tämä paikka mielessä jos tulee pääkaupunkiseudulla käytyä niin pitää ehdottomasti testata.

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