Pregnancy Photoshoot

Photoshoot received: Sinianna Visuals
All pictures: Sinianna Visuals

Includes a discount code for a photoshoot.

All the best from the last month of pregnancy! Tomorrow is the first day of the 38th week, which means that starting tomorrow the baby is full term. I really hope that he'll be arriving sooner rather than later...

On the 34th week Eerikki and I went to a pregnancy photoshoot and I'm excited to finally show our beautiful pictures on the blog too. I wanted a photographer who takes bright, happy pictures and when I saw Sini's pictures, I felt that I had found our photographer. Luckily Sini had an open spot for us in early October and so we were all set to get our pregnancy pics!

Sini takes pictures at a studio in Suutarila, Helsinki and so one Sunday afternoon Eerikki and I headed over there. The studio has beautiful white furniture and white walls so it was perfect for our pictures. We had brought tons of clothes with us as we were in the middle of a renovation at home and hadn't had time to choose outfits for the photoshoot beforehand. I just threw everything in a bag that was white or pastel in color and that would fit me and figured I'd choose the outfits at the studio.

Sini was very sweet and kind even though we were (embarrassingly) late. She ensured us that we had plenty of time for the shoot and it never felt like we were in a rush during the photoshoot. Sini had bought a beautiful white lace dress for the moms-to-be to wear and I also wore it on some of my pictures.

Cropped from the original picture

I highly recommend that you choose your outfits beforehand and arrive on time, that will definitely make for a more relaxing start. I was a bit stressed out when we got there as we were late and the day had been so overwhelming so that isn't really something that I can recommend :D Other than that, everything went really well and a few weeks later we got our beautiful pictures.

If you're interested, Sini offers a 10% discount for an hour long pregnancy photoshoot booked this November with the code sissi10. Sini also does newborn and child photoshoots, you can find beautiful pictures of kids and babies on her website.

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