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    Our Wedding Budget

    I felt a bit hesitant writing about our wedding budget as I feel uncomfortable talking about money. However, I like reading about other people's wedding budgets and I think they can be very helpful in the early stages of wedding planning. So, to solve this conundrum, I decided to write about our budget but in percentages instead of euros. That means...

  • Bride's attire

    Wedding Dress Part 2

    Collaboration Atelje Dagmar, all pictures taken at Atelje Dagmar I have a dress! Not the final dress yet, but one made of satin which -and this is the big deal- fits perfectly! I've had a clear vision of what kind of a dress I want from the beginning, there was just one detail that I wanted to change after some thought , but otherwise I haven't budged. I visited...

  • Coronavirus

    Corona virus and weddings 3: Regulations for the summer

    The moment I had been waiting for finally arrived yesterday. I had waited for a week to hear what the new corona virus regulations regarding private events would be as we were still full on with our wedding plans for this summer. Well, the news weren't good. They increased the number of people allowed in an event from 10 to 50...

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    TOP 9 Wedding Movies

    As these are uncertain times it can be hard to get excited about your wedding.. So I thought I'd list 10 good wedding movies to help you get excited about your wedding :) Well, I watched a lot of wedding movies to get this list done and by the time I had nine movies down that I could recommend, I was pretty much done with wedding movies for now, so in the end, TOP 9 list is what you're getting :D...

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