A day with me in the Caribbean

I did a Day with me - story on my instagram on our honeymoon, here's the story as a blog post.

9-10 I didn't sleep too well on our honeymoon. I don't know if it was because of jetlag or what the reason was, either way I still woke up around 9am most days.
I put my Bride robe on and quickly got ready. There wasn't a lot of time to get ready as we were heading to morning yoga which started at 10am.

10-11 The yoga class was held close to the beach. There were four of us in the class, two couples. Most people at the resort were couples, in fact. The yoga was a combination of light exercise and light stretching. This ended up being the only time we attended the class, not because there was something wrong with it but because it was almost impossible to get Eerikki out of bed that early :D.

11-12 We had breakfast at Magna restaurant. I had my favorite breakfast: Eggs Benedict with salmon and wholewheat bread, fresh fruit, a mimosa and green tea.

12-13 Then it was time to change into swimwear and head to the main pool. I didn't want to miss the Aquaspin class and this time Eerikki joined me on the class too.

The GoPro picture really isn't that great, or maybe the problem is with the model, but at least there's some kind of a picture of the activity :D.

13-15 For lunch we went to Oregano for pizza and wine. Oregano was an Italian restaurant and one of our favorites.

15-17 Wearing our Star Wars themed Mrs and Mr t-shirts, we went to the main pool, ready for bingo, which started at 3.30pm each day. After bingo we stayed by the pool tanning until we headed back to our room for a bath.

17-19 A bath after bingo was part of our daily routine and today was no different. The Bulgari cosmetics were provided by the hotel, the view by the beautiful Punta Cana. Then it was time to get dressed and get ready for dinner.

19-22 We had dinner at the cozy Basmati restaurant and had some after dinner drinks at the Excellence Club lounge afterwards. Then we sat down at the Martini Bar to listen to the saxophone player while waiting for the main show to start. During our month there we got to know all the entertainment and bar staff and even the sax player always remembered us as we were the only ones always applauding after each song :D. While there, Eerikki practiced his photography skills. Personally I think that pictures turn out better when you don't have a finger blocking the lens, then again maybe Eerikki was just tired of modeling for my pictures all day :D

22-23 The main show was a Michael Jackson show, one of my favorites. After the show it was time for bed, ready for the next day :).

That was a peek to a day on our honeymoon and that was the last post about our honeymoon! Tomorrow I'll be posting ideas for Valentine's Day, go check out my new YouTube channel Minttupersikoita ja Proseccoa while waiting for the next post :).


  • Sissi

    Moi! Olimme Excellence El Carmen hotellissa Dominikaanisessa tasavallassa. Hääsviitti oli penthouse-sviitti meren ääressä, siinä oli parveke ja kattoterassi, YouTube kanavaltani löytyy video huoneesta. Suosittelen paikkaa ehdottomasti, ihanaa häämatkaa! 😍

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