Back to Work... kind of!

Hope you're all doing better than us - our whole family has the stomach flu!

Let's rewind a little, though. First of all, a bit later than planned, I got back to work on Monday and Eerikki started his parental leave. We celebrated the start of Eerikki's parental leave by going on a cruise with our friends who also have a small child. We figured this would be an easy way to have our first trip as a family, we don't have to go through an airport or sit on a train, we just need to walk in and we're off. Not knowing what to expect, I'd say everything went well. Jordan had some trouble sleeping on the first night but the second night went much better. Our friends' kid is one and we all knew it wouldn't be like traveling before kids, but it was definitely fun as families too!

We got back from the cruise on Sunday and I had my friend's baby shower right after and on Monday I started working (from home). I didn't get much done on Monday, Jordan seemed to want to be near me most of the time and I started questioning if I would be able to return to work after all. But on Tuesday he was all content with daddy and so I was relieved.

On tuesday-wednesday night Eerikki got sick and had fever. I was sick on the night after that. Also Jordan has been unwell but luckily he's been doing better than us. So, in the end, I got one good day of working this week. But hey, that's life! Luckily we're all much better now and I assume we'll be all healthy soon enough.

Family life is still the best! I don't know what they put in these nursing hormones but I'm feeling energetic even on the days when Jordan woke up 20 times during the night. I love going back to work too! I'm happy I can work from home so I can nurse and be close to Jordan but still get some work done too. I was just telling Eerikki that I'm probably the happiest I've ever been in my adult life.

I'll tell you all about my new work projects when the time is right but for now I'll just update you on the fact that I'm not going to be an astronaut... yet! I wasn't far enough in my career for this round of applications to get further in the process but I'm sure I'll be ready when the time to apply comes around again.

We've started looking for a new place. Our building is going through a large renovation soon and we'd have to move out for a few months when it starts so we figured we'd find a new place before that. It's a shame as I love our condo but on the other hand, I love the idea of a new place, getting to redecorate everything! We're looking for a two bedroom with a nice balcony in this neighborhood so a similar place to what we have now.
So far we haven't found anything, but looking is fun too! In fact, looking at real estates is one of my favorite hobbies, I like doing it even when I'm not planning on moving.

So that's the latest from us. Maybe next week I'll be able to do a full week of work and hopefully I'll be able to write here more often too, I've missed it.

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