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It’s a good idea to think about other stuff than just the coronavirus so to keep wedding sprit up, I presented our invitations on the previous post, here,and now I’ll discuss wedding accessories for the bride. In general, I can promise a large quantity of posts while in isolation – for quality, I make no promises 😀

For some people it doesn’t make sense to use a lot of money on a wedding dress as you’ll only be wearing it once. I guess it’s easier to justify spending money on accessories, if they are something you really like and go with other outfits too, it’s doesn’t feel so bad to spend a little extra on them. I think it’s a matter of choice and budget, there’s no right or wrong answer here. My mom is making my wedding dress and offered to pay for it which was really sweet of her. That also allows us to splurge a little on accessories.

If you’ve been following the blog’s instagram you’ll know I really splurged on my wedding shoes. I have always wanted some Christian Louboutin’s and figured that if there’s ever a good enough reason, I’ll buy a pair. In my defence for spending that much on shoes I’ll say that I had removed the shoes from our budget when we realized that this wedding will get more expensive than we had originally thought. Eerikki, however, decided that we’ll get the shoes regardless. 🙂

Wedding shoes Christian Louboutin

You can get beautiful wedding shoes for a lot less too. Minna Parikka has heels and sneakers that are great for weddings and they often have good sales. Of course, if you wait for a sale, there is always a risk that they will have sold out your size. You can also personalize any shoes you like and that way you’ll save money and your shoes will definitely be unique.

Minna Parikka Polly
Minna Parikka Bunny Skater

I haven’t bought a wedding purse yet, I had actually totally forgotten that I’ll need one. I really don’t want any stuff in my closet that I don’t use so it has to be something I would use in other occasions too. I’ve used the same bag daily for the last 10 years and I want my wedding bag to be one that I can use for years too. I think a nice bag from a second hand store could be a good option for me.

Image: Mirino Bridal

My garter will be made by my mom, I’ve always thought I’d want it to be blue. I really like the style in the picture above. Only the top one though, I definitely don’t want Eerikki under my skirt in front of our families 😀 I got a garter as a present at a wedding dress fitting so I think that’ll be the garter that gets thrown.

If you don’t know anyone who could make your garter, Etsy has a lot of beautiful options. It would be nice to support local business especially at a time like this, so you could ask wedding dress shops or fabric stores if they could make you one. It’d be exactly what you want and as you wouldn’t have to pay for shipping, I doubt the price would be that much higher.

My wedding perfume I bought before we even got engaged, it’s Lanvin’s Marry Me. It’s the only one I’ve used since the engagement. I love Lanvin’s perfumes, if you haven’t tried them out I recommend you do. Later on I also got a shower gel and a body lotion to match.

Lanvin Marry Me

I also asked my mom, who’s making my wedding dress, if she’d make me a light jacket too. I was thinking something with a hood so I can cover my hair during boat rides.

A personalized white leather jacket looks really cool. Picture: Weddingwire
Getting a coat like this made shouldn’t be too expensive as long as it’s with fake fur. It’s simple enough that if you can sew, you can probably make it yourself too. Picture: Etsy

A veil is on my list too even though there are other great options too like flowers or other headpieces. But I figured there’s only one time in my life I can wear a veil so I definitely want one. For me, it also gives that bridal feel.

It looks like I’ve finally found my something borrowed too. On eof my friend’s is lending me her pearl earrings so looks like I wont have to borrow my bridesmaids’ pantieslike I was afraid of, ok we were all afraid of that 😀 And yes, I’m kidding, that wasn’t an actual option :D.


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