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The RING Has Arrived – AGAIN

Originally published on Meidän Häät website.

My engagement ring is here. Again! 😀

If you haven’t been following the blog or don’t remember, this is the story. When Eerikki asked a long time ago what kind of a ring I’d want if the day would come I had asked for the Kide-ring from Olli Johan Lindroos. When we got engaged and I received the ring I started thinking if I’d prefer it in rose gold after all, knowing there was the possibility to exchange it. So Eerikki and I went to the shop and after thinking it through came to the conclusion that the rose gold one suited me even better. Eerikki made the exchange and we started waiting for the new one to arrive.

The ring arrived a few weeks ago and it was given to me festively at Clarion Hotel’s Sky Room -bar which is one of my favorite bars.

In case someone is keeping score, this was ring ceremony number three. Listed chronologically: 1. Proposal in Venice with a temporary ring, 2. White gold Kide-ring given at Korkeasaari during Viettelysten ilta-event. 3. Rose gold Kide-ring given at Clarion Sky Room.

The ring!

Now, I would love to see what Eerikki would come up with for ring ceremony number 4 but I think both Eerikki and Olli Johan Lindroos agree that this fun activity has now ran its course. Luckily I couldn’t agree more as I’m completely in love with my new ring! 🙂

So this was the last of the ring updates… until we get to the wedding rings 😀

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